Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pilakhwar a great Village of Mithila

The term Pilakhwar is deformed from of Piukhwat which means the way of Cuckoo (Koel). Its wide sense is that this is the village whose beauty and greatness were sung by the Cuckoo in its own melody someday. The land of this village has produced some such great personality’s who influenced not only within the boundary but also beyond he boundary. The sign of those Personality’s can be seen and experienced even today. They tried their hands in every sphere of life and become successful in their effort. The plant of greatness planted by them is flourishing even of late. This Village is full of High ranking jobbers, Civilized and well cultured figure of this village was full of great Sanskrit Scholars who were sheltered in the court of many kings. They were victorious in many Sanskrit debates or Discussions (Shastratha). Their hand written books, many script preserved as the cultural heritage of the country. It is surrounded by two ideal villages Ranti & Mangrauni. They also have their own identity. These three villages are regarded as the best Village of Mithilanchal. The Combination of Ranti, Mangrauni and Pilakhwar symbolize the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati Rivers. These three Villages have lit the lamp of knowledge in whole Mithila and elsewhere.

It is located near Madhubani district head quarter which is famous all over the world for its Mithila Painting. This Village is connected with district head quarter through metalled road. There is prosperity all around. People of all casts and categories live together in harmony for getting there comm. distention. There is two temple here dedicated to goddess Durga the Godess of Power. Durga Puja is the main festival of this Village. It is celebrated with great pamp and sound. It accumulates all the felicity of the world for ten days. People of this Village living all corners of the country and abroad visit to there own Village participating the puja. On the tenth day of the pooja all the people assemble at the ground of tample and meet one another for getting their differences. They offer one another Sweets, betel and other eatables available in the festivle.

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